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I'm no one special, I assure you.

I like to solve problems and programming languages allow me to indulge that need. Visual Basic - the pre .net years - was my first love (no, I don't use .net. I despise it). Along the way I picked up other languages out of necessity. You know, as a webmaster. HTML, PERL, PHP and in the case of Inno Setup, Pascal (and now to some extent, Wiki Markup). It's by far my second favourite language, Pascal.

Through years of perusing the MSDN and translating C headers and samples to other languages, I've picked up enough C++ to write a simple (very simple) library or two.

I sell software, big deal. Code samples I tend to give away for free as knowledge is power. Plus, giving back to communities who have helped me (such as the Inno community) makes me feel good on the inside. Cheesy, but true. So when I come up with something new, original or useful, I'll be posting it here.

I guess that's it. If you must know more, I have two sites. One where I sell my wares for dollars, and one where I placate my ego.


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