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It's really strange, but if I started my setup under Inno Setup Compiler each time I get either an error saying: "Line 152: Exception: Operation aborted." or an error which is sayng: "Line 175: Exception: Internal error: An attempt was made to expand the "app" constant before it was initialized.".

But if I started my setup from Explorer, it works fine. --Renkin

You can't access {app} in InitialiseSetup, and looking at the article, it shouldn't be anyway. The code itself will handle the exception, but the IDE will show them. If you dont want it to, don't run it in the IDE (Or dont try and access {app} in InitialiseSetup). --Dean Earley 10:13, 7 February 2007 (CET)

Did I miss something? Where in the code is {app} used in InitializeSetup ()? Maybe you accidentally put MoveLogFile () into InitializeSetup () as well? -- --User:Markus

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