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.NET - Detect frameworkAcrobat Reader - Detect installed version
AddPortEx ()Adding a rule to the Windows firewallAdditional licence pages
Anti spywareApplication considerations
Ask for a drive to installAudio toolsAvoiding the Path environment variable
Background image during the installationBackup and restore softwareBackup of application directory
Batch compileBatch compile with process logBest practices for deploying Visual Basic 6.0 applications
BringWindowToTop ()CSIDL viewer for special foldersCVS - Concurrent Versions Systems
Call psvince.dll on install and uninstallChecking application prerequisitesChecking current application version
CloseHandle ()Codecs
CompilersCompression and uncompression utilities
Content management systemsCreateDC ()CreateFile ()
Create Restore PointCursor - Change the mouse cursor of WizardFormData logging
DatabasesDeleteDC ()Detect current display resolution and color depth
Detect if an application is runningDeutsches Inno Setup ForumDevelopment Tools
DirectX - How to detect DirectX versionEncode/Decode Base64
Executing external modulesFiles in use extensionFiles to install SQL-DMO for SQL Server 2000
Flicker free background imageForce log file
Force log file with Inno Setup versions before 5.2.0GetCommandLine ()
GetDC ()GetDefaultPrinter ()GetDeviceCaps ()
GetDriveType ()GetFileSize ()GetFileTime ()
GetLastError ()GetLocalTime ()GetLogicalDriveStrings ()
GetLongPathName ()GetPrinterDriverDirectory ()GetSystemTime ()
GetVolumeInformation ()GetWindowText ()GetWindow ()
HMAC SHA1 and MD5Hardware ToolsHow to deal with anti virus software
IE - How to detect Internet Explorer version installedIKG - Inno Key Generator
Image manipulation toolsIncrementing build number every time the script is compiledInnoBackup - A backup application developed with Inno Setup
Inno Setup CLI HelpInno Setup Help - 'Run' and 'UninstallRun' sectionsInno Setup Help - Help file
Inno Setup Help - RestartReplaceInno Setup Script IncludesInno Setup Users
Inno Setup download and installationInstall OCX
Installation considerationsInstallation date and time in registry
Installer date time limitInstallers and installation creatorsInstalling a screensaver
Instant Messengers and Internet TelephonyInstr for PascalIsWindow ()
Is VC Runtime InstalledLanguages and LanguageIdsList of Windows messages
MDAC - How to detect version of MDAC installedMain PageMessageBox ()
Modify PathMoveFileEx ()MoveFile ()
MultimediaNTFS CompressionNo 'Exit Setup' message
No screensaver during installationODBC - Create a DSN using ODBCCP32.DLL
ODBC - How to create a DSNODBC - Library functionsObtaining Inno Setup's installation path
Obtaining the application's versionOffice applicationsOnly one installer instance
Open Services panelOpen Windows Control Panel .cpl filesPDF Utilities
PSVincePascal tutorialsPocketPC CAB setup
Print licensePrompt for an additional folder for data
ReadFile ()Recommendation for date and time formatReleaseDC ()
Remembering Custom Page SettingsRemote Control SoftwareRequire an uninstallation password
Resource editorsResource hackersSHGetPathFromIDList ()
SQL Server - Test connection with ODBC driverSearch for a file
Selecting a serial deviceService - Functions to Start, Stop, Install, Remove a Service
SetFileAttributes ()SetFileTime ()SetWindowLong ()
Setting the desktop backgroundShell executing external files
ShowWindow ()SimpleVersionMacroSplash screen
Store the preprocessed output in a fileTest events exampleTest events example including Uninstall events
Text editorsUninsHs
Uninstall SurveyUninstall user filesUpgrades
Useful Inno Setup PagesVista considerationsVisual FoxPro
WMIWeb interface to newsgroupsWeb servers
Windows command line toolsWindows command line tutorials and FAQsWindows compatibility mode
Wizard imagesWriteFile ()Writing quick Pascal programs with Inno Setup
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