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PSVince is a DLL to detect if a module is loaded in memory. It's based on this MSKB article

MSKB 175030 How To Enumerate Applications Using Win32 APIs

It is possible download the DLL, a sample how to use it and source code 20KB

If don't need to install on Win9X or WinNT it is possible to use just code to detect if an exe is running How to detect if an application is running with code.

Essential code to use PSVince in Inno Setup.

Source: psvince.dll; Flags: dontcopy

function IsModuleLoaded(modulename: String ):  Boolean;
external 'IsModuleLoaded@files:psvince.dll stdcall';

function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;

  Result := Not IsModuleLoaded( 'notepad.exe' );

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