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There are many ways to do that, looking for a mutex, a class, a window or a runnnig exe.

See also HOWTO: Detect instances running in any user session with AppMutex on Inno Setup Knowledge Base.


Checking for a Mutex

It is possible to use

function CheckForMutexes(Mutexes: String): Boolean;

to check for a specified mutex, to see which mutexes are created by an application you can use ProcessExplorer.

Most likeley the easiest and best way to handle application mutexes is by adding the 'AppMutex' directive to the Inno Setup script's [Setup] section.


See the topic Application is running in the article Application considerations and Inno Setup's help file for more info.

Checking for a Class Name

It is possible to use

function FindWindowByClassName(const ClassName: String): Longint; 

and get window handle if found. It is possible to use this handle to send window messages.

Checking for a Window Name

Instaed of class it is possible to find a window if an application looking for windowname.

function FindWindowByWindowName(const WindowName: String): Longint;

Checking for a running executable file

You can use PSVince to detect if an executable is currently running.

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