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This category is a collection of declarations required to call Windows API functions with Inno Setup.

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External links

These links may help to declare and use other Windows API functions that are not listed here with Inno Setup. If you 'cracked' a useful Windows API function call for Inno Setup make sure you add it here.

  • Reading C code in Win32 API An interesting article on how to convert C APIs (i.e. Windows) into Delphi.
  • Delphi Basics: Integer and floating point numbers by Neil Moffatt
  • Rudy's Delphi Corner Pitfalls of conversion. This article is meant for everyone who needs to translate C/C++ headers to Delphi.
  • In case you need to know the value of a particular Windows message a list can be found at the WineHQ wiki.

A comprehensive documentation of the Windows API can be found on MSDN.

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